Salt Lake Realtor magazine posted an article in the January issue about the new trends for this year and most of them we have already been discussing for our homes!! Although lengthy, it is worth the overview which is why I took the time to write it out. We love each an every one of these ideas and can help you incorporate any of them in a new build or even a remodel. Here’s a recap:

1. Coral Shades. Naming Sherwin-Williams Coral Reef (#6606) as 2015 color of the year for an accent wall or exterior decor.

2. Open Spaces. The open floor plan is not going away anytime soon as it’s still in high demand; going a step further by adding more windows to better meld indoors to outdoors.

3. Off-the-shelf plans. Meaning incorporating an outsiders’ plan that includes mainstream design into a custom build (most builder’s will accept these, although may charge to adapt them).

4. Freestanding tubs. These are becoming more popular in design, however, the caveat: some may find it hard to climb in and out, but the LOOK GREAT!

5. Quartzite. Although granite still appeals, quartzite indestructable quality is becoming popular. Has the look of marble.

6. Porcelain Floors. If you’re going to go with imitation wood, porcelain will be the 2015 go-to. Available in numerous colors and styles, wears well and is less expensive.

7. Almost Jetson-ready. Technology such as web controlled security cameras and motion sensors for pets. Smarthomes are becoming more popular.

8. Charging Stations. Having designated space to charge the multiple devices we use; placing in locations such as the corner of a kitchen, entrance from the garage and mud rooms. Another great idea is to have a charging station outside the bedrooms, keeping your electronics out of your sleeping/resting areas.

9. Multiple Master Suites. Having multiple master bedroom suites, each with it’s own adjoining bathroom, makes a house work better for multiple generations.  Allows grown children, aging parents or out of town guests to have their own space. Noting having both on the same level hitting the jackpot. We, at Eagle Point are going a step further with this idea and plumbing all of our basements for a full kitchen for a completely seperate living quarters for these same reasons listed above.

10. Fireplaces and Fire pits. The site of real or feax has universal appeal; be on the lookout for chic modern takes on the wood stove.

11. Wellness systems. Builders are now addressing environmental and health concerns with holistic solutions, such as heat recovery ventilation systems that filter air continuously and use little energy (per real estate developer Gregory Malin of Troon Pacific).

12. Storage. The new buzzword is “specialized storage, ” placed right where it’s needed. Some of these include larger closets and kitchen pantry’s or adding butler pantry’s.

13. Grander Garages. In Utah, garages are a big deal whether it’s for large families or lots of toys and large vehicles. However, size isn’t the only thing, it’s including temperature controls, sleek glass doors, big sinks or tubs to wash pets.

14. Keyless entry. Such a great asset to have!! There are some very sophisticated systems out there from finger swiped entry to systems that track who comes in and out.

15. Water Conservation. Home owners can now purchase rainwater harvesting tanks and cisterns, graywater systems, weather-controlled watering stations, permeable pavers, drought-tolerant plants and no or slow mow grasses.

16. Salon Style Walls. Instead of few distinct pieces, they are incorporting larger, floor to ceiling, wall to wall pieces.

17. Cool copper. Copper is coming back! Such as backsplashes, finishes, hanging pots, etc.

18. Return to human scale. For so long we have seen GRAND kitchens and greatrooms, people are starting to scale back with smaller gathering places and kitchens with smaller islands and fewer countertops. Although the large kitchens and open space are still popular, the lower scale may appeal to some wanting to downsize.

19. Luxury 2.0. In the matter of sleep, suggested stocking up on luxury bedding, a new mattress, comfortable pillows and calming scents.

20. Shades of White Kitchens. Despite all the variations in colors and textures for kitchen counters, backsplash, cabinets and flooring, the all-white kitchen still gets the brass ring. An all white kitchen allows home oweners to choose bigger, bolder hardware.

21. Outdoor living. These include outdoor showers adjacent to pools/hot tubs along with better-equipped roof decks for urban dwellers. Also expect to see improvements in perks for pets, such as private dog runs and wash stations.

~Information taken from Realtor Magazine online and Salt Lake Realtor magazine written by Barbara Ballinger